Harper Connelly


Harper Connelly




24 in first novel


Iona Gorham (aunt), Hank Gorham (uncle), Gracie (half sister), Mariella (half sister), Cameron Connelly (sister), Matthew Lang (stepfather), Mark Lang (stepbrother), Tolliver Lang (stepbrother)

Love Interest

Tolliver Lang (sometimes)


"Detective" in the sense that she tries to solve murders using her abilities

Harper Connelly is the main character of Grave Sight and the other books in the series. At the age of fifteen she was struck by lightning, and it has given her the ability to sense the location of dead people, as well as experience the last memories of the deceased. She uses this ability to solve murders.

Her companion in the books is Tolliver Lang, her stepbrother. He is four years her senior. Tolliver manages her clients (people who want her to solve murders for them) and acts as her manager. They have some sexual tension and romantic feelings for each other, and although they are not blood related, this is something they must cope with because they are step-siblings (Tolliver's father married Harper's mother).